Hero Xtreme 160r 2023

New Hero Xtreme 160r detail reveal- 2023

What are the changes of new Xtreme 160r ?

This time hero is launching xtreme 160R bs6 model Phase 2 with many changes, now this motorcycle has OBD2 sensors and now after the update, this motorcycle can efficiently Run on E20 fuel. Make this bike future-proof and help in reducing carbon emissions.

3 new colours are available.

The bike has already been launched in Bangladesh and people are loving new colours, Hero Xtreme 160 r will be launch in India with 3 new colours. 

  1. Sports Red
  2. Pearl Silver White
  3. Matta Sapphire Blue

Sports Red :- Hero Xtreme 160r Sports Red is a combination of three colour red, black and white. The fuel Tank is black and red with a white strip.

Hero Xtreme 160r red colour

Pearl silver white :-  Hero Xtreme 160r Pearl silver white is a combination of three colours black white and red. The fuel tank is black and white with a red strip.

Hero Xtreme 160r colour

Matta Sapphire Blue:-  Hero Xtreme 160r Matta Sapphire Blue competition of three colours black white and red. The fuel tank is black and Blue with a Yellow strip.

Hero Xtreme 160r blue and yellow colour

Stylish engine guard protection is added for safety but it makes the bike look more sporty. the sticker of Hero Xtreme has also changed now you will see a 3D sticker on the fuel tank. There is no change in the speedometer or tyre size.

Obd2  sensor is the major update in BS6 Phase 2, it helps to keep the environment clean. The ability to perform on E20 fuel is required to sustain in future within a few years T20 fuel will be available on all the petrol pump

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